30ft Quick Fishing Boat

Jemar Norpower AS  30ft Quick Fishing boat 

Jemar Norpower AS has developed a quick fishing boat with excellent seaworthiness, large deck area for work and a top speed of app. 25 knots.

The boat is based on the hull from our new seismic workboats. The construction of the hull has been a success due to its stability and excellent seaworthiness.

Jemar Norpower AS  30ft quick fishing boat is 9,1 m in length and 3,30 m wide-ranging. This gives you a fishing boat with a large area on deck for work. Simultaneously will the construction of the hull, combined with the engine, give the fishing boat a cruising speed of 12-15 knots and a top speed of app. 25 knots! We recommend engines such as Cummins or Perkins from 300 to 500HK. The fishing boat has modern wheelhouse solutions, seating’s and galley upstairs. Further, it will be equipped after customers demand.


Overall Length (Inc.fender): app. 9, 1 m        Beam (incl.fender): 3,30 m 

Overall Height app. 4500kg                          Depth app.:             0,8 - 1 m

Speed: app. 12-15 knop                               Top speed: app.      18 knop


The hull is made of “Singel skin” glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP). All materals are certified and according to modern building technics. All constructions such as rig, railings, assemblies, and bolt connections are made in aluminium and stainless steel.


The Hull: Fender list around the entire boat, new hull with V-shape, keel and tunnel that leads extra water into the propeller. Rescue Ladder of aluminium mounted behind the mirror on B/B side. All fittings are done in stainless executions. Stovepipes for cabin and exhaust in stainless steel. The wheel house is equipped with window of 10mm tempered glass, where the one is flexible for opening. Defroster on each window.

Railing in aluminum on wheelhouse roof. Height app. 30cm. Ø 30mm/ Ø25mm.

Extra steering console on outside of wheelhouse. (not on railing)


Modern fittings and intelligent solutions in wheelhouse giving space for small table, seating’s and galley. The galley includes propane, 2 section cooking arrangement and sink. Fresh water from app. 20L tank with manual hand pump for filling sink. Drainage below fender.


Engine room centre on deck with hatch in stainless steel. Engine hatch horizontal with the deck, covering the whole engine. Waterproof connections to the front of the boat. Complete fire alarm system with sensor for water level and alarm horn in steering house


Electrical equipment, 24 V included installation certificate.

Certificated lanterns: top and fishing lanterns, NUC in foremast, lantern for stern, two spotlight for deck on wheelhouse, lamp in wheelhouse, toilet and engine entry, two lamps in engine room and large converter, 24v DC&220v AC for electricity to lap top, Ipad etc.

Suburb and approved boards; Distribution panel of ampere- and voltmeter, separate lantern control with alarms. Spotlight, horn and wiper. Two set of battery: 1 à 180 Ah, 2 à 145 Ah. Hand bilge pump in engine room.


Standard lanterns for boats >12 m. Fishing light, anchoring and NUC.


Gas fired, 2 section cooking arrangement.

Tank for hot water approximately 20 ltr. Recognized pumps for water and septic. Water toilet with electric pump, sink in the galley, and exhaust fans from galley and rest room.

Recessed refrigerator approximately 65litr/ 24V. Heating device, app. 10kw, for defroster and floor heating in wheelhouse

The engines cooling water is supporting all the heating arrangements.

Oil-fired heating installation with separate circulation pump, when engine is not in use.

Hydraulic steering console for two positions, cylinder with by/pass valve for emergency steering


Hydraulic side thruster with effectively 23, 7 HK mounted in a tunnel at the bow.


Windscreens in tarpaulin from hoop at mizzenmast to wheelhouse.

Windscreen pulled into the top creating a “roof”. Arranged with two longitudinal

tubes. Two “windows” on side. Divided in the middle, so can be arranged either

in front or back, when not in use. The “roof” is mounted, but can easily be de

mounted if needed.

Pot haulers are placed in front, so the rear can come across the wheelhouse.

This for easy access to engine control /steering.


Fire extinguisher for engine room, powder extinguisher in steering house and at the entrance of engine room. Water Level alarm for engine room included. Non-blocking coating on deck, and places for naturally required safety. Rescue ladder back on B/B side.

Stability test included.


The boat will go through extensive testing of engine and equipment’s on board.


The boat will be marked with name in front of wheelhouse and registration on each side


One set of manual, with individual manuals for all equipment is included.   


The boat are build and equipped according to national regulation for boats 7- 15 m, “Craft 2008” and the hull is certificated by DNV


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