43ft Fishing Boat


Jemar Norpower AS (previous Norpower Brødr. Malo AS) have produced the famous Malo Fhishing boats since the 1960s.

In 2017 we introduced our 43ft Fhishing boat with new design and lagert Cargo room at 34m3!



Overall length:                                     12,99m.                                 Beam incl. fender:                4,20m

Overall Height with mast, app.:              9,50 m.                                 Depth app:                           2,35 m.

Depth with cargo, ca:                           2,50 m.


The hull is made of “Singel skin” glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP). All materals are certified and according to modern building technics. All constructions such as rig, railings, assemblies, and bolt connections are made in aluminium and stainless steel.


The Hull:  Keel of galvanized steel, bow roller and two pullerts in front, large roll (nylon) for collection of anchor, a pullert behind engine entry on back stern side. Bow rails without consistently attachments, 80 cm high. Sufficient numbers of scuppers, grating in stainless steel in front of every entries.  Elevated rail stern side integrated as part for the rail and on top a plate of stainless steel that strengthen the construction.

Solid masts in aluminium, foremast with sertificeret with capacity for lifting 500kg. Mizzenmast with split mesan. House for entry to engine room on babor side, combined with gallows for mizzenmast, drying room for work cloths and shaft for engine fan.


Fully isolated cabin in front with 3 bunks. Galley upstairs on S&B side. Separated toilet and shower. Service room placed in the back of the cabin, with easy access to electrical boards, hydraulic valve and cranes & dampers for air and water.

Isolated wheelhouse with EXCELLENT view, sliding window back on S&B side. Elevated seating arrangement on B&B side in wheelhouse, with comfortable chair with gas muted column and possibility to rest the foot for skipper.

Carpet in cabin and wheelhouse.


Large engine room on stern side, with space for upright engine interpreted bulb on the keel. The size of the keel gives room for 1350 mm propel.

Engine hatch horizontal with the deck, covering the whole engine. Waterproof connections to the front of the boat. Engine fan in stainless steel 

Isolated cargo room placed centred on the boat, capacity over 34 m3. Floorboards with grating over bilge well in the mid-section.  


  All lights are in LED.  LANTERNS / SIGNALS:

Standard lanterns for boats >12 m. Fishing light, anchoring and NUC.


Ceramic Hob with 4-plates.

Tank for hot water approximately 75 ltr. m/230 V , recognized pumps for water and septic. Water toilet with electric pump, shower and washbasin, sink in the galley, and exhaust fans from galley and rest room.

Recessed refrigerator approximately 100litr/ 24V. Heating device, app. 10kw, for defroster and floor heating in wheelhouse. Smaller heating device for extra warmth or fresh air in cabin.  The floor in the cabin and toilet restroom are heated by the central heating construction.

The engines cooling water is supporting all the heating arrangements.

Oil-fired heating installation with separate circulation pump, when engine is not in use.


Fuel tanks with capacity of approximately 3000ltr. Motor oil tank of app. 250 ltr. Fresh water tank is integrated, and holds app.1700 ltr. Septic tank holds app. 700 ltr.

Electric lens pump, with level switch for start and stop. Equally in engine room with additional hand bilge pump. Electric lens pump for septic tank.  Motorised lens / spray pumps

Hydraulic steering console for two positions, cylinder with by/pass valve for emergency steering. Peg steering of mahogany inside.  


Fire extinguisher for engine room, powder extinguisher in steering house and at the entrance of engine room. Fire alarm with sensor in cabin, steering house and engine room.  

Water Level alarm for engine room included. Non-blocking coating on deck, and places for naturally safety is needed. Rescue ladder back on B/B side.

Cleaning shaft for trimming of propel.

Rescue fleet, 4-persons, A-pack with/hydrostatic release, immersion suits for3 persons. Float free emergency transmitter. Rader transponder with bracket. Further div. safety equipment according to national regulation for “Bankfiske 1”. Stability test included.


The boat will go through extensive testing of engine and equipment’s on board. Supplier of electrical equipment’s will test, provide education and guaranty certificate.


The boat will be marked with name in front of wheelhouse and registration on each side. White text on black background, 26 cm text for registration label and black text on orange background for the name.


One set of manual, with individual manuals for all equipment is included.   


The boat are build and equipped according to national regulation for boats from 10,67 – 15 m length, and for speed range «Bankfiske 1”, -Within 200 n. mils of baseline. According to this the boats speed certificate will be issued. Approved by Beureau Veritas

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