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Your trusted supplier of professionally crafted workboats

Experience and craftmanship

Jemar Norpower AS have been a trusted supplier of Workboats to harbours, oil and gas offshore industry for more than 50 years. The boat is handmade in Norway by craftsmen with more than 50 years’ experience in their trade. We have maritime connections since 1917. We also produce fishing boats; our brand MALO is a well-known brand among professional fishermen in Norway.

Jemar Norpower AS is a Norwegian builder of workboats for the seismic industry, harbors, anti-pollution/oil spill recovery, crew change and tugging.

The boats are built in glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) and come in three models: 23ft, 26ft and 30ft. we can deliver different editions designed for different purposes. Since production of fibreglass boats started in 1965, we have produced and delivered over 1600 work and fishing boats.

The main characteristics of our models are the unique combination of speed and bollard pull and the boats’ seaworthiness and stability. Together these qualities make a Jemar Norpower AS workboat strong, speedy, and safe.

Propulsion: Marine diesel engine 300 – 425HP, gear and propeller

Speed: 20-25 knots; Bollard pull: 2,5 -3,2 tonnes

Jemar Norpower AS workboats are used for a multiple of purposes: carrying cargo on deck, crew change (11 passengers), inspection of equipment in the sea, tugging, emergency boat for oil spill recovery, general workboat. A solid, one skin hull and reliable engine and equipment reduce the downtime to almost zero. With a single lifting point for davit, they can be installed on board a vessel or they can be operated from a harbor. 



Jemar Norpower AS has a long and proud tradition of creating high quality boats. By always having quality in top of our mind in every activity, we build seaworthy, reliable, speedy, strong, and safe boats. Making sure that you and your colleagues have the best experience and are safe at sea. 
Every Jemar Norpower AS boats are handmade with great knowledge. To ensure a high quality in every boat and meeting the customer demand, we focus on the following conditions:


All boats from Jemar Norpower AS is known for its seaworthiness. All our boats are easy to drive and manoeuvre at sea with Pitch Propeller and Thrusters. It is operative also in shallow water and close to shore. The balance of the boat makes it stable and composed.  Therefore, you will experience excellent seaworthiness in rough weather conditions, arctic or tropical environments. Our boats are today operating from the arctic waters of Alaska, the Barents Sea and Greenland to tropical areas around the world. 
Jemar Norpower AS workboats comply with the DNV « Craft 2008» regulations. 


To ensure that you always can trust a Jemar Norpower AS boat, we carefully choose the best and most reliable equipment. The result is a boat with very small and easy maintenance. Easy and service friendly access to engine room, an in addition electrical and hydraulic system in technical room. User-friendly connection to cable with hydraulic cable lift. Simple operation of winch in davit.

We offer technical support and field service engineers to all areas and our aftermarket sales department are used to providing worldwide support for spare parts.


The new hull designed in collaboration with the Norwegian Marine Institute, SINTEF, has a V-shaped keel and tunnel that give a unique combination of speed bollard pull and stability. 
Our workboats reach up to ca 24 knots! Making them perfect for example, rescue and oil spill recovery.

By re-using the same hull for our workboats, we developed a new speedy fishing boat. The combination of the hull and a powerful engine from 300-500HK, gives the boat a cruising speed at 12-15 knots and a top speed at 18 knots!


Vital parts of the boat-construction are strengthened based on experience from rough handling of workboats on purse net seiners, Supply vessels in the North Sea, and supply of more than 100 workboats for seismic operations over the last 15-20 years. 
All our boats are built in “single skin” glass fibre reinforced polyester with three layers, approved dimensions, and materials. A reinforced hull in the bottom with lengthwise and transverse bottom decks strengthens the boat. The strong construction and solid fender make the workboat endure rough treatment. 
Jemar Norpower AS workboat has a bollard pull of 3 Tonnes! 


In 1968 the first fishing boat, a coastal fishing boat for one to two men, was delivered. This workboat was also designed as a combined rescue boat, meaning there was no need for an ordinary lifeboat on-board.  This sat the standard of safety in our construction of boats. 
With more than 5-tonnes positive buoyance with engine, cargo and technical room flooded our boats are practical “unsinkable”.

Floating tanks under deck give stability and positive buoyancy. Workboats have 75cm railing to avoid anyone falling overboard. Fire sensors and extinguishing system in engine room. 

Water sensors and automatic and manual bilge pumps.

Redundancy fuel and seawater filters.

Has a wheelhouse that gives shelter for the crew (Bed fore rest is possible in our workboats).

Man overboard: A body can easily be retrieved from the sea through the stern gate.


Having a maritime connection back to 1917, Jemar Norpower AS has an enormous and complex knowledge about boat production.

One of our biggest resources is our employees. Having tradition for long-term employment in the Jemar Norpower AS family ensures the knowledge and stability in the company. Our senior employees still visit and work here, even though they have reached their retiring age. Teaching the new generation their craftsmanship and making sure that the knowledge, history, and quality stays in the company.


Jemar Norpower AS has in cooperation with SINTEF in Trondheim, Norway, created and produced innovative boats such as the 30ft and 36ft workboat. By creating innovative solutions with the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia within technology, medicine, and the social science, we make sure that we are a part of the future business at sea.

In 2008, together with our customers, we designed a new seismic workboat, which is bigger, faster and has more power than earlier models. The 30 ft Seismic Workboat from Jemar Norpower AS, sat the standard for workboat in the seismic industry.

By re-using the same hull for our workboats, we developed a new speedy fishing boat. The combination of the hull and a powerful engine from 300-500HK, gives the boat a cruising speed at 12-15 knots and a top speed at 18 knots!

Social Responsibility

Jemar Norpower AS has maritime roots back to 1917.  Still located in the same area in Kristiansund, we take responsibility for preserving the local history.

We have done this by keeping and restoring one of the old houses used for fish industry in the beginning of the 1900 century. Entering the town at south by boat, you can see this white house giving you a glint of history back in time. In 1917 Olav Kringstad and Jacob Malo produced the first engine Glimt. Johannes Ersnes has donated a 30hk Engine to Kristiansund Museum. You can see the engine by visiting the local boat museum “Mellomverftet” in Kristiansund.

We carefully choose our distributors based on professionalism and quality. If possible, we try to support the community by using local distributors in the area.