140-tonnes Travel Lift Crane

Jemar has invested in a 140-tonnes travel lifter with 12m Beam. Perfect for all your boat service needs

OPEN  24/7

Regardless of tides our travel lifter is open 24/7 

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E-mail: lager@jemar.no

140 TONNES – 12m BEAM

Jemar Norpower AS can offer crane lift, with flushing, disinfection, and crane services up to 140 tonnes and up to 12 meters beam.


You save time, money and best of all - the water and disinfection go to the tank and not back into the sea. The job is completed in a few hours, and you save the environment.


The gentlest way to perform maintenance, the most effective disinfection and we offer both mechanical and plastic reoperations. In 1.5 hours, your boat is put ashore, flushed, and disinfected and arrived at sea, ready for the next destination. Certificate for setup and disinfection is included. We have good contacts in the veterinary services if there is a need.