The Jemar Group

The Jemar Group is own and established by Johannes Ersnes. The range of companies stretches from fish export and boat construction to education, wine import and property.

All companies are located in the middle of Norway, Kristiansund.


Norwegian Bacalao is traditional salted and dried cod fish that is exported all over the world. If you travel to countries such as Portugal, Brasil and Spain you will find this delicacy in every resturants and home. With over 50 years of both production and export experience Jemar AS can provied the best Bacalao quality. 


The best fresh fish and seafood from the Norwegian Coast. Jemar As has a big network along the Norwegian Coast of fish distributers. We can deliver all sort of fish such as fresh cod, haddock, pollock, hallibut and Seafood. With over 50 years of export experience to Denmark, France, Germenay, Belgium, Spaine and Portugal we can provide the best of qaulity within the fresh fish business. 


Johs Ersnes was born in Kristiansund and is third generation fish Inspector. His grandfather started as Fish Inspector in 1900 and his father in 1945.

Johannes started as Fish Inspector in 1975, and already at the age of 26, he became the Manager of Veidholmen Fiskesamvirke. Creating history in the small fishing community, he established export license to the company. Increasing the turnover from 3,6 million to 34 million in only 9 years.

In 1989 he co-founded Jemar AS together with his long time college Elin Antonsen. They left Veidholmen Fiskesamvirke and moved the business to Kristiansund . Today Jemar AS is 100 % owned by Johannes  Ersnes.