Multi-Purpose Boats

Specially designed multi-purpose workboats for every task

Cable Handling / tugging

The Jemar Norpower 23ft Workboat is a special designed workboat for cable handling operations at sea. It can operate as a “stand alone” workboat on survey vessels with weight or space limitations or 2nd Workboat onboard “full size” survey vessels or placed on a chase boat. This spare workboat will fit onboard all types of mother vessels. This is the smallest and lightest of our workboats.

The workboat is certified as a decked boat, with flush deck and the shape of the hull forms a boat with square stern and deep keel aft, trim and bowline inclining forward. It is approved for 8 persons at sea.

Thanks to the variable pitch propeller and the hull design the boat can tow app 2 tonnes + and obtain a speed of app. 24 knots. The strong construction and solid fender make the workboat endure rough treatment. Jemar Norpower Workboat has excellent towing characteristics and high stability and considerable surplus buoyancy make the boat practically unsinkable.


Length over all : 7,015m

Beam Incl. Fender : 2,99

Engine range : 270 Bhp

Propulsion : Single Pitch Propeller


Speed range : 20-24 knots

Bollard pull : 2000 kg+

Pax. Capacity : 6-8 persons

Fuel capacity : 2 x 150 Liter

Class : Craft 2010

Class society : Bureau Veritas 

Workboats for oil pollution

We can supply multipurpose workboats that can work in this type of situation using a very special epoxy when building the GRP hull, this represents an additional cost to the normal existing cost.

If require by the client a “burning” test can be done to a sample of GRP to attest that indeed the boat hull can sustain this type of event. 

Aqua culture

Reduce cost and create a more efficient workflow in your business. Our 30ft Workboat is special designed for collecting and handling dead fish from fish farm. With this boat one person can easily perform the daily task of handing and collecting dead fish from the cages. Leaving the rest for the crew simultaneously operating other tasks.

30ft Workboat for Aqua culture is excellent for:

  • Collecting and handing dead fish
  • Veterinary checks
  • Feedïng vessel

Due the the exceptional combination of speed and bollard pull, the boat can additional be used for:

  • Crew transfer
  • Goods transport
  • Tugging
  • Inspectio
  • Diving

Reduce cost and increase efficiency by choosing one boat that satisfy all your business requirements.


Length over all : 9,1 m

Beam Incl. Fender : 3,3 m

Lightship weight : 4,5 Tonnes

Positive Buoyancy : 5 Tonnes

Speed : 25 knots

Bollard Pull : 2,6 Tonnes

Engine : Cummins Marine 5,9L, 380 HP

Gear : Nogva HC-168 gear. Red:2,95:1 

Propell : 750mm, 4 blade Pitch Propeller

Thruster : Sleipner Hydraulic Bow Thruster 23HP

Pax.Capacity : 12 persons

Fuel Capacity : 2x325 Liter 

Class Society : Bureau Veritas